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  • Art Sound Language Show

    Art Sound Language Show

    This August I played a synth show at Art Sound Language in Washington DC. I re-worked some older material and there is a release too.

  • New 3 Song EP “Patio Encounter” by MISTER JACKPOTS

    New 3 Song EP “Patio Encounter” by MISTER JACKPOTS

    Out now on Ice Station Records is a new 3 song EP by my cat, Mr. Jackpots. The album documents his first summer in our new house surrounded by trees and wildlife. 100% of the proceeds of this album are going to a rescue league Kim and I support, Lost Dog & Cat Rescue. We…

  • Information Junkies

    Information Junkies

    I posted a new track on Soundcloud full of paranoia and dread that I recorded this summer called Information Junkies. Secret Wilderness · Information Junkies I used a Korg Volca FM and a Roland SH01A to track this one. The sample is from an interview Neil Postman gave about the internet in the 90’s. This…

  • Alcian Blue – Collection Pre-Order

    Alcian Blue – Collection Pre-Order

    This is a repost from my Ice Station Studio site (mixing and mastering work). I’m really excited to announce the Alcian Blue Collection double cassette box set that is coming soon on Anathemata Editions. This was an idea that Terence and Sean Gray (Fan Death Records/Birth Defects) had a few years back and it took…

  • Real Life Magazine Podcasts feature Secret Wilderness

    Real Life Magazine has recently been archiving their articles via audio and podcasts and I licensed some tunes for them to use as intro and outro music. Check an excellent article out below (I pulled an excerpt). Camera Traps By Lauren Collee We know that surveillance is ubiquitous in cities, but most of us rarely…

  • Al Ghul Beta Persei

    Al Ghul Beta Persei

    New Secret Wilderness song Al Ghul Beta Persei recorded in the new Ice Station with photos from the studio remodel.

  • Secret Wilderness Subscription Series

    Secret Wilderness Subscription Series

    Secret Wilderness subscription gives you access to demos and unreleased songs. This is like a audio journal of my process.

  • Blacklit Split Cassette Production Notes

    Blacklit Split Cassette Production Notes

    This tape is a collection of 4 songs I’ve been working on at various times in the past year. I typically write, demo, perform live and then see what sticks after that and these are some of my favorites.

  • New Secret Wilderness Tapes Are Out

    New Secret Wilderness Tapes Are Out

    I’ve released a collection of music from the past few years as a new project, Secret Wilderness. I’ve been using the name Machine Drift for the past five years since Screen Vinyl Image.