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New 3 Song EP “Patio Encounter” by MISTER JACKPOTS

Out now on Ice Station Records is a new 3 song EP by my cat, Mr. Jackpots. The album documents his first summer in our new house surrounded by trees and wildlife. 100% of the proceeds of this album are going to a rescue league Kim and I support, Lost Dog & Cat Rescue. We rescued Deckard from there too.

MISTER JACKPOTS – Patio Encounter EP

“Patio Encounter” is the debut EP from MISTER JACKPOTS… a cat who lives with me. He hangs out with me in the studio all the time. We got him games early on that were food driven and he figured them all out so it doesn’t surprise me that he decided to make a record too.

“Patio Encounter” is full of banging 808’s and layers of LA and FM synthesis against squelchy acid lines and 90’s house chords. The EP contains themes of patio adventures watching wildlife, nip induced grooves for late-night headphoning, and Jackpot’s weird connection to lunar cycles (Strawberry Moon).