Secret Wilderness Subscription

Secret Wilderness Subscription Series

Bandcamp subscription is a great way to post music for people to access. You can post demos and unreleased material here. Soundcloud is great for this also, but once you hit a time limit, you have to pay for the upload space. Bandcamp is free and people can pay you (and you can set the price) so I set up a Secret Wilderness subscription.

Speaking of price, mine is cheap because I’m not here to make money. It’s $10 a year for access to all of my releases and additional content.

I’ve uploaded two demos and a previously limited edition cassette that’s been out of print called DCB. I plan to post any smaller project things like this up (I have another out of print project).

This is like an audio journal for me. The content is still curated, I’m not posting every music thought I’ve put down. I think it’s valid to share a few song explorations to show where ideas sometimes go. Often, these songs inform a direction or a lesson learned in production that end up on a better song. That’s the process of recording tons of demos right?

Anyway, pop over to Bandcamp to access the Secret Wilderness subscription.