This is my projects area of the site where I post about random things I mess with, grow, or build.

  • Custom Paint Skateboard

    Custom Paint Skateboard

    Custom painting a blank skateboard I got online with some cool spray paint colors.

  • Halloween Decorations 2023

    Halloween Decorations 2023

    Our 2023 Halloween yard decoration theme this year was ghost and skeleton dance party, we made ghosts and used a lot of black lights.

  • Alligator Garden Sculpture

    Alligator Garden Sculpture

    Traveling home from the Outer Banks this summer we stopped by Cast Stone Studio and picked up this cool alligator sculpture I painted.

  • Poblano Peppers

    Poblano Peppers

    This is a “part one of two” garden pepper excursion this summer. I did not grow these from seed, I bought the poblano pepper plant from the store to grow with my chilhuacle negro peppers I did grow from seed. (This will be the part two as they ripen on the vine.) The peppers and…

  • Korg Volca FM

    Korg Volca FM

    A collection of documentation I’ve pulled together for using the Korg Volca FM in my studio.

  • Summer Garden

    Summer Garden

    Replacing an odd space that got dug up over the winter with a summer garden full of herbs and flowers.

  • Building a Forest

    Building a Forest

    Saving land from invasive plants, fixing it, and building a forest takes time. I’m enjoying the slow process.