Falls Church Ferns

Al Ghul Beta Persei

We recently moved and it took me forever to get the studio set up. The room got flooded (long story) so we had to pull up the carpet and put in laminate flooring and re-paint. It took a long time but now it’s done and I can look back on the hard work and appreciate the room much more for it.

I’ve been mastering some records (you can find my mastering work at Ice Station). Last weekend I finally got a chance to sit down and work on my own stuff for the first time. It took a bit to get used to the house and all of the work it takes to run the house and a fair amount of repairs off the bat cos it’s from 1956. And then the pandemic has made feeling inspired a bit rough too.

I have with the new space and time gotten a much larger garden going that I had before. I’m learning a great deal about the new yard, the plants in it, where the sun comes up and goes down at, the sun spots to grow vegetables, etc. My vegetable attempt A might be too shady, but we’ll see, DC area summers can be brutal and partial shade might do them good.

So, I finally got into doing a track and wanted to post it. It’s loosely based off a Japanese scale and I used the Squarp Pyramid’s Euclidean section for all of the parts except the drums. Equipment list, the song, and some studio photos below. I’ll also post the song on my Bandcamp subscription. If you haven’t subscribed it’s super cheap, you get all access to my releases and I’m really trying to be better about posting more to it.

Al Ghul Beta Persei

The song is named after the star Algol, aka the Demon Star, aka The Ghoul, and is an eclipsing star with a fascinating history. I learned about it when I was out in Arizona and we went on a star gazing tour and I looked at it through a telescope. I got to thinking about our time out there, especially since I’m not traveling this summer, and that’s why I wanted to name the song this.


Squarp Pyramid, Roland D-05, Make Noise 0-Coast, Korg Volca FM, Korg Volca Keys, Elektron Digitakt, Korg Volca Sample, Boss Space Echo, Boss Giga Delay, Boss RV-5, Mackie Mixer

recorded live to stereo

Download Al Ghul Beta Persei here