Photo of me playing synths

Art Sound Language Show

Art Sound Language in Washington DC hosted me and Shredder Ghost in August for part of their Sunday afternoon show series. PJ put together an amazing sound system for his space and I really enjoyed the small environment and massive sub-system. This might have been the best sounding show I’ve had in 2 years, which, if you play shows often enough you come to appreciate the really good sounding ones.

If you live in the DC area, be sure to stop by Art Sound Language and support this local record store. PJ has a wonderful curated selection of music (it’s not like a CD Cellar that has tons upon tons of stuff). He also has an incredible selection of music and art books for sale too and always something sick on the turntables in the shop.


I’m really happy with the 4 songs I selected for this set. One is new and the others are re-workings of older material with newer synths, samples, and beats added. You can pick this release up for free at Bandcamp.

Photos from the Show

Me during performance.
Photo of musician performing inside Art Sound Language.
Shredder Ghost.
Photo of people listening to music.
Art Sound Language shop.
Photo of people in shop.
Post show hanging.