Real Life Magazine Podcasts feature Secret Wilderness

Real Life Magazine has recently been archiving their articles via audio and podcasts and I licensed some tunes for them to use as intro and outro music. Check an excellent article out below (I pulled an excerpt).

Camera Traps

By Lauren Collee

Snapshot of Real Life Magazine article

We know that surveillance is ubiquitous in cities, but most of us rarely think about the fact that networks of surveillance extend even into forests and marshes, deserts and oceans. We tend to think of technological infrastructure as ending where the visible built environment does, which is not an unfounded assumption, especially in national parks and nature reserves which actively market themselves as places to “switch off.” When our phone ceases to pick up a signal, it corroborates the impression we’ve finally found ourselves in a place where technology has no power over us. The reality, however, is that often these places are thrumming with devices, some more visible than others, quietly monitoring soundscapes, air quality, humidity, temperature, soil acidity, the presence and absence of different species, of people.

Music Licensed

Journey By Train

Scene Transition