New Secret Wilderness Tapes Are Out

I’ve released a collection of music from the past few years as a new project, Secret Wilderness. I’ve been using the name Machine Drift for the past five years since Screen Vinyl Image.

There is also an art project. The tapes come with a zine that capture my photography I’ve taken while recording these songs. The cover of the tapes and zine were done by my brother-in-law, Justin Dodd.

Secret Wilderness zine

Tapes can be ordered at Bandcamp, they’re a limited edition of 50 for each tape.

Secret Wilderness – Low End Surrealism

Low End Surrealism features beat driven music that closely relates to Machine Drift, including explorations of House and early Detroit Techno.

Self Titled

The Self Titled tape is a collection of ambient tracks such as Newcomb Forest from 2015.

Donation To Grist

50% of all sales (Bandcamp, Streaming, Tapes) is going to support Grist, a non-profit, independent news outlet reporting on Climate Change.



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