Running Man screenshot

Information Junkies

I posted a new track on Soundcloud full of paranoia and dread that I recorded this summer called Information Junkies.

Secret Wilderness · Information Junkies

I used a Korg Volca FM and a Roland SH01A to track this one. The sample is from an interview Neil Postman gave about the internet in the 90’s. This is one of those songs that I’ve had lying around but wasn’t sure what to do with so I decided to throw it up on Soundcloud.

The cover is from The Running Man which is from the Neo Tokyo anthology of anime done by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. The short is a rather uncanny anime piece full of intense psychedelic colors and a heady plot to boot. I caught it on Liquid Television and for years had no idea what the short was called (pre-internet lol). At some point I was at a bar with a friend and he randomly brought this short up but knew what it was and we both talked about how bananas it is that MTV would show stuff like this back in the day. He bought me a copy of the DVD but of course now you can access it easily, see below (though I think this has an extra ambient track added but it sounds cool imo).