painted alligator garden sculpture

Alligator Garden Sculpture

We always talked about stopping at this awesome little spot on the way to/from the Outer Banks, NC and this summer we finally did. Cast Stone Studio has tons of cool items to check out. Some are painted or fired like the jack-rabbit we got, others are raw concrete like the alligator I got. We’re looking forward to picking up a few more items from them in the coming years as we like to load our yard with sculptures. Here are some photos.

Alligator Painting Process

sculptures on newspaper being painted
You can’t paint on raw concrete, you have to use a primer first. Krylon white primer spray paint works perfect for this.
I used an acrylic paint for the gator, but I had to put on about 3 layers over a week.
Once the base color was done, I wanted to highlight it with an accent color which also took about 3 layers of paint to get the color right.
Alligator garden sculpture in finished form
The finished alligator.