Custom painted skateboard

Custom Paint Skateboard

I enjoyed this skateboard for exactly one week before it got caught under my foot on a bail (new grip tape) and I fell and broke my leg. It’s December and I still haven’t skated since September but I’m hoping to get back to it in 2024.

I bought a blank board online and then bought some cool paint from Michaels for the finish. The blank was stained a cool bright green. I hit it with a matte black paint first and then a iridescent purple green paint in a few layers. The hope is that as I skate it more the layers will reveal themselves.

The biggest question now of course is whether I want to pull this thing back out when I get back to skating or if superstition will rule out that the board has a “Christine” nature to it. To. Be. Determined.

The Work-in-Progress Photos

Skateboard with matte black paint
Matte black paint application. I left some of the bright green stain to come through.
Green Purple Paint application on skateboard
Adding layers of the Green/Purple paint.
Complete Skateboard
The finished board in the sun.
Top of skateboard with grip tape
Did a simple line down the middle, went with a wider line than thin since the board itself is a little longer than standard boards.