Summer Garden

Over the winter, the County had to fix our gas line and they dug up a bunch of huge holes in the yard. Not exactly things I wanted to deal with this Spring with all of the other yard projects on the list. Since the area is hard to trim and mow anyway, we thought a Summer Garden of herbs and perennials would be nice for the space.

The hole left was clay and weeds and it was located near the raised beds we built last year for veggies. I tilled out the weeds and loosened the clay without digging down deep knowing the gas line was there. Excess dirt went in the back near the poplar area I’m working on and I added top soil in to prep the area. I had to cut some borders of 2×2’s and we used some extra rocks we had as a border. Kim found a turtle to add to finish the area off.

We added a few flowers but most of the garden will be herbs as part of an experiment to see what grows well in the yard.

Wood, saw, and gloves
Constructing the Summer Garden borders
Herbs planted in garden bed
Herbs and Top soil
Finished garden
Sketch of herb plot on paper
Herb list grid