Fresh picked poblano peppers from the garden

Poblano Peppers

This is a “part one of two” garden pepper excursion this summer. I did not grow these from seed, I bought the poblano pepper plant from the store to grow with my chilhuacle negro peppers I did grow from seed. (This will be the part two as they ripen on the vine.)

The peppers and herbs did the best this year in the garden. The cucumbers did ok, not as prolific as last year. The tomatoes did terrible. Most plants died and we only got 5-6 tomatoes to eat. They were delicious of course but small. I think there were a few factors at play including me not amending the soil properly and the weather was extreme heat, drought, and downpours. Lessons for next year!

I still have a few poblanos on the vine that are smaller. I’ll either do another run of stuffed peppers or I will dehydrate those and save them for a mole or another recipe. The stuffed peppers tonight were delicious. I kept it vegetarian: refried beans, salsa, rice, cheese. I had steak this weekend so it didn’t make sense to have more meat tonight. Didn’t need it thought, made a little lime crema to put on top and it was perfect.