Halloween yard decorations 2023

Halloween Decorations 2023

Our idea for Halloween yard decorations this year came about this summer. We thought a ghost and skeleton dance party would be fun for the yard, especially making use of the black lights. We already have a ton of skeletons we’ve gotten a few years of use out of but we had to make the ghosts. We found a few sites that recommended chicken wire for making the ghosts and that ended up being the perfect way to go (despite all the cuts and nicks I got from working with it for two weekends).

Photo of chicken wire on mannequin head
Molding chicken wire around foam heads.
Gotta use leather gloves for this work and you gotta make at least 5 ghosts for the party to look impressive.
Adding the base layer of the ghost, the black fabric helps give some dimension to the shape.
Death is the DJ, we made a DJ booth. The cat prop was a placeholder until we made a waterproof version for the month of October.
We used light string around tree branches to keep the ghosts floating, they really moved around in the wind.
A little video I made the night of Halloween, we blasted disco all night.