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  • Alcian Blue – Collection

    Alcian Blue – Collection

    The tapes are in and they turned out above my expectations in sound quality. The format allowed for me to crank the masters and utilize the natural compression and saturation a cassette tape gives. Cassettes were a great portable (and affordable) format and there was a spot in College Park MD called The Record &…

  • Fall 2020 Update

    Fall 2020 Update

    It’s been a busy few months heading into winter. I’ve been working on a number of different projects. I’m trying to ready another Secret Wilderness release and I’ve been collaborating with a number of friends on various projects. Below are some things that have just been announced or released including an Alcian Blue box set…

  • Practical Web Midi

    I really love the possibilities of web midi and wanted to capture a few instances I use web midi for programming synths. The first iterations of it I saw were things like this drum machine, but I always felt there was room for very cool ideas. Programming complex synths has been one of my favorite…

  • A Few Things – July 7

    LA July 4 2020 – Bladerunner A friend of mine posted his IG Story on 4th of July night and as I watched it I thought of the 1982 opening scene in Bladerunner. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought this and a great video surfaced of it. Bonus Content: Check out the song…

  • Al Ghul Beta Persei

    Al Ghul Beta Persei

    New Secret Wilderness song Al Ghul Beta Persei recorded in the new Ice Station with photos from the studio remodel.

  • Dirty Delay and Space Flanger Ableton Packs

    Dirty Delay and Space Flanger Ableton Packs

    I created two Ableton Packs, a Dirty Delay and a Space Flanger. Take your synths into the dystopian cyber soundscape they belong in.

  • Secret Wilderness Subscription Series

    Secret Wilderness Subscription Series

    Secret Wilderness subscription gives you access to demos and unreleased songs. This is like a audio journal of my process.

  • Starting 2019 with a studio refresh

    Starting 2019 with a studio refresh

    Over the Christmas break, I had time to do a bunch of work around the studio that I knew needed to be done. The time was perfect to organize.