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Fall 2020 Update

It’s been a busy few months heading into winter. I’ve been working on a number of different projects. I’m trying to ready another Secret Wilderness release and I’ve been collaborating with a number of friends on various projects.

Below are some things that have just been announced or released including an Alcian Blue box set that I’ve been working on for months. It’s a project that has been in the works for almost two years.

Alcian Blue Colletion Cover

Alcian Blue

Anathemata Editions · ALCIAN BLUE "Angelica Take Me Down"

This has been a long time in the works. My friends Sean and Terence first floated this idea of doing a box set cassette of Alcian Blue releases a few years back. I got together with the band and we talked about it and also had to surface some old mixes that were original but needed to fix mastering. This involved Sam firing up the ancient but still working PC we used to record later material and the two of us digging through mix files to find what we were looking for. Our friend Greg also got us the Fall Behind EP on CD because at some point I had lost everything but a set of bad rip MP3s of that EP.

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Replicant Eyes

Almost a year ago I started a project with Replicant Eyes, an extraordinary two piece DC band with influences in darkwave and industrial. We recorded two new songs and planned to work on the album in early 2020 but I moved and then the world went sideways. So, we’re postponed on finishing the record but we were able to get a single together from the recordings and that comes out this Friday.

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Ice Out – Cities

I’ve been playing bass with the band Ice Out. If you ever caught Screen Vinyl Image in the early days, you know our friend David Barker used to join us for extra guitars. Him and Chris have been doing Ice Out for a year or so and I started jamming with them around this time last year. We did a quarantine demo where we traded a file back and forth adding tracks to it. Chris mixed this one and we’re hoping to get more stuff done in the coming year.

Lunar Transformation

Lunar Transformation Cover

I recently uploaded an EP I never released called Lunar Transformation. The songs were done early on after Screen Vinyl Image when I was still learning how to work some of the synths and machines I got. They’re long spaced out jams that I did together and only performed out once with them before scraping the ideas.

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Audio Mastering 2020 Update

I’ve mastered a few records since the pandemic started too, below is a list but you can find all of the links at Ice Station Studio.

Ice Station Mastered Albums List

Terence Hannum: Dead Rite – This is a live recording from the Metro Gallery in Baltimore. It was fun to work on a live recording that is all one take, especially since I’ve played that room enough to know how to make the end result sound (attenuate the reverb!).

Second Skin: Teething Veils – I’m Waiting for My Love To Sleep – I mastered one song for this compilation Erin Frisby put together to raise money for the Casa Ruby LGBT Community Center. As an aside, you should check out Teething Veils full length Canopy of Crimson that came out this summer, a fave of the year for me easily.

Stolon: Rhizome Compilation – All modular synth artists. The original goal was to raise money for Rhizome since concerts couldn’t happen due to Covid but after the protests, Rhizome donated the money to DC Black Lives Matter.

Männerizm EP – This is a really cool new wave/r&b type group out of Germany. My long time friend Jaike recorded and mixed their EP and sent them my way for mastering. Highly recommended.

Rogue Satellites: Plague Age – I’ve worked with Rogue Satellites before and was happy to work on some new stuff they recorded during the pandemic. Their sound is semi-darkwave sounding but with a bit of that raw edgy grit that only bands from the Detroit area seem to have.

Mooner EML 101 Vol. 2 – Mooner does these big compilation releases of covers that really vary across the spectrum both in choices and in the style they choose to do the cover (for example a late 80’s Bee Gees single that sounds like Taylor Swift). It’s impressive to me to hear all the different production styles at work here but the other thing is they are fine players making the whole album a great thing to have on your phone for really any time you want to mix things up.