A Few Things – July 7

LA July 4 2020 – Bladerunner

A friend of mine posted his IG Story on 4th of July night and as I watched it I thought of the 1982 opening scene in Bladerunner. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought this and a great video surfaced of it.


Bonus Content: Check out the song I recorded LA Fog based on a very foggy visit to LA I took in the winter of 2017.

Modern English: Melt With You Quarantine Edition

After the Snow is one of my “desert island” records. I picked up the vinyl in the early 2000’s because I knew the single and ended up being blown away by all of the music ideas, arrangements, mixing techniques and more that are on every second of the album.

There are 80’s songs of which this gets lumped in and then there are timeless pop gems that stand the test of time and this label also applies. I kind of equate the magnitude of this song being on par with The Walker Brother’s “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” in it’s sort of love at the edge of time and end of the world narrative. In fact, the whole album’s lyrics are quite beautiful and have a deep focus on nature and man’s disconnecting gap with it. But also, it makes for a hell of a montage song in Martha Coolidge’s film Valley Girl, probably the finest “teen” 80’s film ever made for a number of reasons including the eye of a female director.

“Dreamed of better lives the kind which never hate,
Trapped in a state of imaginary grace.
I made a pilgrimage to save this human race,
never comprehending the race had long gone by.”

Morning Visitor

Finally, yesterday morning I was watering my tomatoes I’m attempting to grow in my backyard and suddenly felt I was being watched. I turned around to find a deer at the top of my yard who then worked her way down toward me. She didn’t get too close but also didn’t seem to afraid of me. She chomped a hosta and then went to the back and jumped the fence. It’s the small wins like this I think we all need to stop and recognize and appreciate.

Deer in the backyard