Ableton Pack

Dirty Delay and Space Flanger Ableton Packs

I’ve been working on demos and found myself needing some extra effects so I made a few Ableton Packs. Download the zip file if you have Ableton 10. Both the Dirty Delay and Space Flanger will happily accompany you into your dystopian synth wasteland.

Dirty Delay

This delay has some fuzzy gain and a nice panning warble. Add extra noise and even some bit crushing on guitars, synths, drums, whatever. Modeled after some common stomp box setups I used to do in Screen Vinyl Image.

Space Flanger

A flanger with gain and some delay and the ability to tweak two areas of frequencies (works great with an lfo). Take your synths into space with muscle and grit or drop this on your hi-hat tracks for techno dungeon goodness.

Ableton Pack Instructions

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Double click on the file, Ableton will open up and should install the pack and alert you of success or not.
  3. On success, you will be asked where to save the file to, save it wherever you keep your audio files
  4. Ableton won’t load the pack, you’ll have to go find it and double click on the file and then it should open with 2 tracks
  5. Each track has the different effect.