Machine Drift at Rhizome

Other work by Secret Wilderness

Before Secret Wilderness, Jake Reid was working as Machine Drift after Screen Vinyl Image stopped touring. He has a number of releases on Bandcamp including live performances that were often one time improvisations.

Notable Machine Drift releases include:

Chester Hawkins and Machine Drift Live

Chester Hawkins (Blue Sausage Infant) collaborates with Jake Reid at the legendary DC DJ night We Fought The Big One.

Live 2017

A live recording from the long running Baltimore MT6 fest and a live recording of the “DCB” tape recorded at Rhizome. The DCB tape was a limited edition collaboration with District Candy Bowl and only performed live once.

Machine Drift - DCB

Live At Rhizome

The second performance from Rhizome features a tri-amp setup. Two synths are droning through amps on both sides of the stage while the center amp handles sequences creating a wall of sound.






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