Dreamgaze Radio

A few months ago I performed at Dreamgaze in Baltimore, MD and to promote the show did a radio show at WLOY. The Holy Circle run the Dreamgaze radio show and invited me to choose a few songs and talk about why I choose them. You can stream the archived radio show below.

Secret Wilderness DreamGAZE Song Selections

  1. Bloody Knives – Deeper
  2. Slowdive – Alife
  3. Ulrich Schnauss – No Further Ahead than Today
  4. The December Sound – Painkiller

I talk a bit about why I chose each song.

Additionally, I DJ’d the 3rd DreamGAZE night and below is the setlist of songs I played.

Dreamgaze 03 – Jan 13, 2024 Setlist

  1. Sometimes He’s In My Dreams – Mary Lattimore w Neil Halstead
  2. Analogue 9 – South Pacific
  3. Space In Your Mind – Malory
  4. Mercury – Haiku Garden
  5. illiter8 stars – Subsonic Eye
  6. Along the Way – Daydream Nation
  7. Walk My Way – Skywave (Dreamgaze Master)
  8. Crasher – Astrobrite
  9. Sam – Readymade (Dreamgaze Master)
  10. Flying Cloud – Guitaro
  11. Full Tilt – Aerial Love Feed
  12. A Second Replayed Murder – SafeAsHome
  13. Pageant – Electro Amp Cynic
  14. Reflection Lies – Bloody Knives
  15. No Heaven Like Hell – The December Sound
  16. Like the Day You Stole The Color From Our Eyes – The Offering
  17. Song 1 – Slowdive (Dreamgaze Master)
  18. Lolita – Bedroom Set
  19. Runaway – Mr Doomsday
  20. 1-800-BADNITE – The History of Colour TV
  21. The Sound of Confusion – Spacemen 3 (Dreamgaze Master)
  22. Satanel.223 – Alcian Blue with Oliver Ackerman

Featured photo is by Matt Welch of Skywave on tour in Canada 2004 for the Synthstatic album. I was playing guitar with them on this tour.