Autumn 2023 35mm

I was hoping to get a lot more good Autumn photos in on my 35mm I picked up this summer, but my broken leg prevented that from happening. I still managed to get a few things snapped later in the season down in the Outer Banks.

Lomo 35mm Photos

Ocean and Sky double exposure
Double exposure of the ocean and the sky.
Sea oates in front of a cloudy sky
I accidentally had the flash on for this and realized a cool trick of keeping the color flash on for pale objects in the foreground to colorize them.
A tree in the water
Iconic tree in the Currituck sound up in Duck NC.
Yard decoration from Sea Green Gallery against dusk sky.
We got to Sea Green Gallery in Nags Head at Dusk and they had this yard ornament right at the parking lot. I knew it would make for a good photo with the sky.
Ocean and beach Nags Head NC
Dusk on the beach, you can tell the temperature was dropping fast in this photo.
Ocean waves and sky double exposure
Another double exposure with the sky and waves.
Abstract photo
Abstract accidental photo.
Odd exposure in studio
I had an issue loading this roll of film and this was the first photo of the roll. It got a little weird but the photo turned out cool.
Dramatic ocean sky dusk photo
Another more dramatic photo of the ocean and sky at dusk. No tweaks have been made to these images, I left them untouched.