Double exposure of plants and statues

Summer 35mm Photos

This summer I bought a Lomo Apparat 35mm camera. I wanted a film camera because there are so many analog factors in play when you use film that often have fun surprises over just pulling out my iPhone all the time. I also didn’t want a high end camera since I still don’t know enough about manual settings to work with film. I ended up getting the Lomo Apparat for all of the cool features it has.

The camera has color gels and multiple exposure which were the main things I wanted, a nice natural wide angle, and some extra things you can put on the lens for effects like kaleidoscope or macro.

I got my first roll developed over the fall (my broken leg sort of both ruined my chance to get fall photos AND get the roll developed sooner).

Lomo 35mm Prints

Photo of ocean and sky from a boat
Outer Banks, view from a boat in the Sound.
Photo of parents on boat
Parents and Kim on the boat.
Bobby at GSL Washington DC
Bobby and Scott at GSL, Washington DC on Fathers Day 2023.
My Welcome 2023 deck, Arlington Skatepark August 2023.
Jon at A-Town skatepark, August 2023.
Plants on a patio
Night photo of my succulents on the patio.
Double exposure of plants and statues
Plants and mushrooms from Justin and Kenny’s garden, Brooklyn NY.
Photo of Kim, Brooklyn NY
Kim, Brooklyn NY, August 2023.
Kenny on patio
Kenny and Justin, Brooklyn NY, August 2023.