Ice Out Halloween stage view

Ice Out – John Carpenter’s Halloween

This Halloween my friends in Ice Out wanted to do a live performance of some John Carpenter songs. We all sat down and selected the songs we wanted to do and decided we’d screen the original Halloween for the 45th anniversary of the film.

We supplemented the show with original material and a bit of jamming. There were some rough spots due to technical issues, happens, but overall we had a lot of fun. The show was the Thursday before Halloween at Evening Star Cafe in Alexandria, VA.

It was great to play with a band again, it was great to experience technical issues in front of an audience with a group of people again.

Photos of the gig.

Poster for Ice Out Halloween
Crowd at Evening Star Cafe
Right before the show.
Chris during practice
Chris during practice.
Load in.
Movie screen set up
Chris and Dex figuring out how to set up the movie screen.
Evening Star Wall
Steps to the gig.
Steps to the gig.