Ron Morelli DJing

John Duncan, Legowelt, Ron Morelli

Ron Morelli DJing

The stars aligned on Saturday between torrential downpours Friday and Sunday for two excellent DC shows that me, Sean, and Ahmad got to attend. Even the parking gods were with us hitting 14th Street in DC at 10pm at night.

I wasn’t entirely familiar with John Duncan but Sean caught me up on the ride over to Rhizome and none of us exactly knew what the group was going to do. The collaboration between John, Scot, Schneider TM, and Chandra exceeded all expectations. The group started at dusk and the music weaved in and out of trippy dynamics as the sun dropped. I had a great position for photos and kept stationary instead of potentially ruining anyone else’s view.

The Shape of Minds to Come Tour: John Duncan / Schneider TM / Scot Jenerik / Chandra Shukla
Photo of Sean watching concert
A photo of the Rhizome room post performance.

After Rhizome, we jumped in the car and headed down to the new dance club The Owl Room for Legowelt and Ron Morelli. I have been a huge fan of both for years and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see them in my own city in a small club with a ridiculous sound system. I loved everything about Owl Room, the lighting, fog, and system were top tier quality but the vibe felt like a DIY show at Union Arts (RIP), the best of both worlds.

Legowelt played a relentless 2 hour set of music including some Gladio cuts (LIES) and being able to be about 10 feet from one of my fave artists and be pummeled by 808 kick drums was a top show moment for sure. Ron followed up with an 1.5 hour DJ set of nothing but solid selections. Even though we’d been out for 8 hours, it still felt like the night flew by.

Photo of Ron Morelli DJing
Ron Morelli.
Photo of Legowelt performing live
Photo of Legowelt's live rig.
Legowelt rig.
Photo of Legowelt's live rig.
Legowelt rig.