Photo of buildings near Sunset Park ferry

Quick jaunt to New York City

Went up to New York to visit my brother-in-law and his husband for a quick weekend getaway. Took the ferry from Sunset Park to Wall Street and went up to the Zwirner gallery to check out the Gerhard Richter exhibit.

Richter’s exhibit contained his last paintings and a selection of ink, graphite, and colored pencil pieces. One of the paintings (shot below) was my favorite to stand and look at for a few minutes. I started out halfway room length and worked my way up to the fine details; contemplating the textural differences of each step. Not being a painter but attempting it a few times, I always have a deep appreciation for the craft. Richter’s work from first learning about him on Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation with the photo-realism candle piece (oh we spotted Lee Ranaldo viewing the art too that day) to his more abstract works.

The other pieces that fascinated all of us was his inkjet series based on ink pieces that he presumably scanned or photographed and then printed out. I didn’t know on first viewing these were inkjet pieces which adds an additional layer of awe to what I thought I was experiencing as ink on paper (I was thinking potentially alcohol ink).

Photo of Gerhard Richter painting
Fave Richter painting at the Zwirner exhibit.
Photo of Brooklyn Army Terminal near Ferry
Brooklyn Army Terminal.
Photo of building with Talking Heads lyrics
Fave Talking Heads song.
Photo of smoke stacks, building, and Kenny (in foreground)
Kenny and smoke stacks.
Photo of William Eggleston book
William Eggleston book.
Selfie of me and Debbie the cat
Me and Debbie.