Excerpt cutout from Tristan Welchs album cover

Guest Artist on Tristan Welch new album Temporary Preservation

Tristan Welch’s new album Temporary Preservation comes out on April 30, 2021 and I got to collaborate with him on the song “Soul Exhaustion.”

Tristan and I have been talking about collaborating for some time and this is the first of a few things we’ve been working on together. (He’s way more prolific than me, I’m kinda slower at producing these days.)

I approached this from the standpoint of listening to the song a number of times to really get into the space of it before deciding what instruments I was going to grab. I ended up not doing a real bass but layering a Juno 60, Make Noise 0-Coast, and a few custom patches I made on the Korg Volca FM and of course some processing and FX.

I’m excited to hear the full album, my copy arrived in the mail yesterday.

“Produced solely with electronically treated guitar, here we have an album that’s kind of ambient, kind of drone, yet more than just that. Welch’s day job is as a funeral director, and that reflects in the music. It’s sometimes dirge-like, but I didn’t find it completely without warmth. This album at times almost feels like it’s trying to give the listener a semblance of hope that is most welcome in the current, troubling times we live in. Kind of like how a funeral director would console the family of someone recently departed. There’s a sense of inevitable finality in many of these tracks, I mean, that’s how life works. But maybe there is something else, something brighter…” – SCENE POINT BLANK