About Secret Wilderness

I work on layered psychedelic machine music with influences in ambient and electro and Secret Wilderness is my latest project. Occasionally, I play live shows around DC, Virginia, and Maryland but rarely tour these days. I master records at The Ice Station (and mix too). More production information can be found at Discogs.

These are my other projects:

Screen Vinyl Image, Alcian Blue, Machine Drift

You can find Machine Drift albums on Bandcamp.

Secret Wilderness
Photo By Replicant Eyes

Low-end Surrealism & Self-Titled

The first two Secret Wilderness tapes came with a newspaper of photography. Some of the music was worked on or influenced by some places I’ve traveled to. As a result, the photography and music felt like it should be one piece. More information about these recordings can be found in this post. I still have a few tapes and newspapers left.

All of my tapes are home recorded on two 90’s Yamaha decks, artwork is hand cut and scored. Cover artwork is by my brother-in-law Justin Dodd, you can find out more about him and see his work on his Instagram page.

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