Live Set Recording – Rhizome 8319

I recorded my live set from the Secret Wilderness, Sacramence, Profit Prison, Vacuole Eyes show at Rhizome on August 3, 2019. There are two new songs I’m working on featured here (start and end) as well as Doggerland, Musique Brocante, Wild Sand, and Can’t Be Found.

Blacklit Split Cassette Production Notes

This tape is a collection of 4 songs I’ve been working on at various times in the past year. I typically write, demo, perform live and then see what sticks after that and these are some of my favorites.

Rhizome Sat Aug 3!

Heavy summer synth set at Rhizome in August: Secret Wilderness, Profit Prison (Hospital Productions), Sacramence (Knife Vision), Vacuole Eyes, live at Rhizome Saturday Aug 3, 2pm $10 Donation.

We Fought The Big One Performance

A few photos and words about the Secret Wilderness performance at We Fought The Big One December 2018 at the Marx Cafe in Mount Pleasant DC.